Dr Emil Vodder and his wife, Estrid, created Manual Lymph Drainage in the 1930s, the benefits of which are increasingly well documented and acknowledged.

Based on scientific and physiological principles, a range of gentle, rhythmic and specialized skin pumps and stretches stimulate lymph flow and enhance recovery. It can have a profound effect on body systems.

Used for maintaining and enhancing well-being as well as detoxification and remedial purposes.

It is deeply relaxing, decongestive and may reduce pain by inhibiting pain signals in the nervous system. Stimulation of the immune system may provide extra support and resistance to infection.

This gentle skin technique is suitable for all ages, including babies and young children.

MLD can benefit:

  • chronic pain
  • pre and post surgery
  • regeneration of tissues - burns,wounds, stretch marks, wrinkles, ulceration relief, scars
  • recovery from fractures, sprains, strains, sports injury
  • recovery from chronic infection
  • fluid congestion, swollen ankles, puffy eyes, bloating
  • PMT, tender breasts, regulating periods
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, Fibromyalgia
  • sinusitis, migraine, tinnitus, dental pain/ swelling
  • digestive problems, constipation
  • stress and anxiety,sleep problems
  • lymphoedema