Hoping to answer some of your questions...


How much does it cost and how long does it take?

Start at £50 but vary depending on complexity and type of treatment.  

Treatment times will vary - usually between and hour and one and a half hours, depending on individual needs.  

MLD can treat very specific problems or to maintain health and wellbeing. 


How do I know if the therapist is qualified?

All Vodder and approved MLD therapists in the UK are registered with MLD UK. This is the professional association providing a national and international register of accredited therapists. Therapists are required to update their skills every two years to maintain their high standards and competency.

All Vodder MLD Therapists carry Public Liability Insurance.


Is Manual Lymphatic Drainage the same as Lymphatic Massage?

No - these are different techniques.   

Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle skin technique (without oil) which encourages lymph movement in the vessels just under the skin without influencing blood circulation. It removes excess lymph and encourages lymphatic flow without adding to the tissue load. Vodder MLD has changes of direction and pressure within a single movement which can also influence pain pathways to the brain, encourage wound healing and fibrosis/scar reduction. 

Training for Vodder MLD is complex. A medical background or an exam-based massage qualification (with specified experience) is a requirement prior to training. It is costly, in excess £3000, with many hours practical and theoretical experience which may take up to a year or more to complete. There are many (!) exams. Travel expenses to the limited UK training venues and the option to travel to Austria for the advanced elements. Then every two years, an update couse is required to remain on the MLD UK Register.  

Some beauty therapists may offer a Lymphatic Massage (may also confusingly be called Manual Lymphatic Drainage) which can vary from light to heavy pressures and may be used with oils or lotions. There may be an influence on the lymphatics. Training may only be a few hours, to a day to obtain a Diploma. 


Is it safe for anyone to receive? 

There are certain contraindications to treatment including a history of TB, Congestive Cardiac Failure, acute inflammation / infection, un-treated cancer or thrombosis. Your medical history would be discussed to rule out any potential influences but also to assess for a holistic treatment plan.

No oils are used on the skin to allow for skin stretch which is an important factor to encourage lymphatic pumping. 

Vodder MLD should never cause discomfort and is a very gentle treatment. It is therefore suitable for all ages including the very young and the very old!