Now offering Magcell Microcirc treatment

MAGCELL® MICROCIRC can positively influence symptoms of neurotoxicities like sensory ataxia, neuropathy and neuropathic pain symptoms (especially CIPN I-IV) on hands and feet as a result of chemotherapy. Moreover a significant increase in nerve conductivity speed (ulnar nerve) is achieved by the treatment. Repeatable short-treatment periods and even applied through textile (shoes).

Modern Approach

This is a very modern approach adding to our strong passion to get non invasive healthcare in the UK. It is hailed as 'electrode free-electrotherapy', that is based on a short treatment of magnetic field therapy, which is 10 times stronger than anything else on the market, and like Deep Oscillation, it has a international patented technology registered to Physiomed in Germany. Pulsed high-dose magnetic fields of more than 1000 Gauss are generated which produces movement of electrically charged particles in the body. This increases the concentration of ferromagnetic elements in the blood producing a significant increase in the partial pressure of oxygen (PO2) in the treated area. It causes an increase of up to 30% of the peripheral blood flow that can be detected immediately and prevents complications caused by a reduced arterial blood risk.

In a nutshell..

After just two minutes of treatment with the MAGCELL® MICROCIRC, micro-circulation is significantly increased (p < 0,001) while nitric oxide (NO) has a blood vessel dilatory effect. It is recommended the therapy be used where an improvement in micro circulation is required, like for instance in the case of chronic tissue repair.

Link to the article written by Dr Jens Reinhold about the therapy which appeared in MLDuk The Journal.